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We just passed a full Microsoft audit with the licenses bought from ValueLicensing. The support and documentation on legal aspects provided whilst we were undergoing the audit, and the entire sales process, was excellent. This has been the quickest, easiest Microsoft audit I have had. I would have no hesitation using you again, or recommending you to other business looking to purchase Microsoft software. The thousands we saved on OS and CAL's meant I had enough overall budget left to upgrade to Exchange 2016.
ValueLicensing provide an excellent service furnishing Microsoft Licences at a very cost effective rate. Our Software budget has fallen by a third since we began using Value Licensing. The service is courteous and the staff are extremely knowledgeable, they will always do their best to source the licences in timely manner
In a climate of restrictive budgets, the opportunity of purchasing pre-owned licenses has enabled several of our clients to ‘green light’ many of their IT projects. The cost saving made by taking this route has been substantial and has been a significant factor in many of these projects being deployed. In addition, the client gains the competitive advantage of having these current technologies without the typically associated costs.
We purchased new OS and Office software from ValueLicensing last year. I was very happy with both their service and price. I have no hesitation in recommending them and will certainly return next time I have a need for their services.
With their great knowledge and excellent pricing, ValueLicensing save us about 30% on licenses on a yearly basis.The process from quote to receiving the order is smooth and always flawless.We are very satisfied with the partnership!
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the excellent service you’ve provided us, this year. Thanks to ValueLicensing, we have saved a great deal of money with minimal fuss and effort and I wanted to make sure you know it’s appreciated!
Our experience with ValueLicensing has been first rate. The service is very professional, has a reassuring level of expert knowledge in what can be a quagmire of licensing regulations, maintains a reliable stock level, and has saved us literally thousands of pounds. ValueLicensing has been a goldmine find for us.
Thanks to ValueLicensing we were able to save hundreds if not thousands of Euros on licensing cost by buying older licenses. Those older licenses are perfect for us. We will certainly be back to buy other ValueLicensing products in the future!
ValueLicensing offer prompt service with great support and advice. Certainly the cheapest licensing we have found in the UK and if you need to call, you get through direct to a real person who understands and can help with meeting your needs.
I am greatly satisfied about my experiences with ValueLicensing. They perfectly assisted me throughout the whole process of purchasing pre-owned Microsoft licences and helped me save money in a way which was unknown to me before. I would really advise ValueLicensing to everybody who is planning to buy licences for Microsoft products.
As I like to keep all computers standardized, I was happy to see the ValueLicensing could supply me 5 licenses for Office 2010. All my users are using the same version, and I saved some money as well. All went smoothly, I received not only license numbers, but as well all the official paperwork. So I can recommend ValueLicensing to everyone.
I had reason to source some Volume Licences for a customer at short notice. I got fantastic service and the licences were very competitive. The documentation was all correct first time, and well presented. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and will use them for all our future licence requirements. Above all...they answer the phone by a human!
We have purchased many licenses from your company and we've been able to save a lot of money. Your company has always been very professional and the documentation of the purchased products very accurate. We've never experienced any problems.
My experience with ValueLicensing could not be better. RDP and server licenses are expensive and thanks to them we reduced expenses to almost 50%. About the company itself I can only say that they are amazing, very friendly and professional. They were very patient and helped us to find the best offer for us. We are so glad that we found them. Thank you very much!!