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Order Process: Once we receive successful payment we will send you the licence details, activation keys, transfer form and a confirmed paid Invoice. All these documents will be sent electronically within 48 hours to the specified email address. If you are a Reseller you will need to forward these documents on to your end client with your own Invoice.

Media/Installation: Most software will be available to download upon receipt of Invoice from ValueLicensing.

Transfer Process: A Microsoft Perpetual Licence Transfer Form (which we will fill in) will be sent to you. By signing the transfer form you or your client agree to the acceptance and transfer of the Licence Agreement and Product Use Rights. The signed transfer form will need to be posted back to us. We then countersign the transfer from and send it to Microsoft to notify them of the change of ownership.

This transfer process is not the transfer of ownership which is completed by ValueLicensing providing the product details. This does not affect your ability to install and use the software. Please note we do not use a notary to hide where the licences are coming from and our transfer process is transparent for all parties.

Software Licence Pack: Once we receive the signed transfer form we will send you a Software Licence Pack which will contain all the relevant documentation to prove legal ownership during a SAM (Software Asset Management) Audit. If you are a reseller you will need to insert a copy of your own invoice and pass this on to your end client.

New Licences: If you are purchasing new licences, you will receive an email directly from Microsoft within 72 hours. This email will contain instructions on how to access your licences.

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