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Our promises to you: 

  • 100% Transparency
  • All licences are sourced within the EEA
  • Dedicated to saving you money

We buy Microsoft software from companies who no longer need them. Find out how we can help you receive money back on your unwanted licences here.

We can help save you huge amounts of money when buying essential software. Discounts of at least 30% for the latest versions are available. Even further discounts are available on previous versions. Digital Software media is identical whether Pre-owned or new. The only difference is the price. View our products here.


We have supplied to thousands of companies throughout the UK and Europe. Why not join the increasing amount of companies who are benefiting from buying Pre-owned software from ValueLicensing.

Some of our most popular licences include:
Used Microsoft Office 2013 Licences
Used Windows 8.1 Licences
Used Windows Server 2012 R2 Licenses